Vision & Mission



    • Biohouse Publishing Group Inc (US) is devoted to publish international journals of innovative, impactful and quality research articles through the dissemination information by using the open access model.
    • Biohouse aims to offer readers, scientists and researchers a common and shared platform on diverse areas for exchange of information and ideas for development of technology in all fields of knowledge.
    • Biohouse concerns growth of all Biohouse family members (readers, authors, editors, reviewers) and provides several benefits
    • Biohouse articles and manuscripts with cutting edge research that breaks new ground for the promotion and development of the technology. As an open access, it provides universal access to information and knowledge.


    • Biohouse Publishing Group Inc (US) mission is to create a global platform for all the research community to disseminate scientific information in all fields of knowledge
    • Biohouse provides unrestricted universal access to information and gives exposure to the world class technologies which provides knowledge to its readers, researchers, engineers, scientists across the world.