Biohouse appoints reviewers with PhD qualification and having min five reputed international journal/conference papers. However in some exceptional cases academician with high researcher caliber with masters degree and Senior professionals working in reputed organizations with bachelors degree are also considered as reviewer

  • Biohouse Reviewers are required to perform the following duties
    • Providing written, unbiased review in a timely manner on the scholarly merits and the scientific value of the article, together with the documented basis for the reviewer’s opinion (pay $25 to $50 per paper reviewed for Biohouse journals, likely to increase as Biohouse grow)
    • Indicating whether the writing is clear, concise, and relevant and rating the work’s composition, scientific accuracy, originality, and interest to the journal’s readers, Refraining from direct author contact
    • Maintaining the confidentiality of the review process: not sharing, discussing with third parties, or disclosing information from the reviewed paper
    • Notifying the editor immediately if unable to review in a timely manner and providing the names of potential other reviewers
    • Recommend researchers/academicians/colleagues to submit quality papers for publication in Biohouse journals (pay $50 to $100 per paper recommended to publish in Biohouse journals, likely to increase as Biohouse grow)
    • Promote Biohouse in various ways worldwide and take Biohouse Publication Group activities to academic and research community

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