• Biohouse concerns growth of all Biohouse family members. The Biohouse company provides following benefits to Biohouse authors
    • Acknowledgement of receipt of article within 24 hours
    • Rigorous peer-review and get review report within 2 to 3 weeks, Excellent editorial standards
    • Fast-track publication within 2 to 3 weeks, increased readership of article and more citations
    • Open access & long term archiving of articles to all researchers worldwide
    • Abstracting and indexing in all major publication databases
    • Registered authors will get a discount of 10% on article processing charges for publishing first research papers in Biohouse journals. For second paper author gets 25% discount on article processing charges and third paper and after author gets 40% discount on article processing charges
    • Pay around $50 to $100 per paper recommended for researchers/academicians/colleagues etc to publish in Biohouse journals (likely to increase as Biohouse grow)

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